Case Copies or Research

To obtain copies of documents that have been filed with the court OR to obtain information about specific cases (for example has there been one filed) the following information will help guide you.

How to Make a Request:

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Requests for information can either be made in person or through the US Mail. The court does not accept phone call requests, faxed requests or e-mailed requests.  All businesses and organizations are subject to the charges below except for law enforcement agencies, military, social services agencies and in-state district attorney offices. 

If you plan to mail in your request and you are asking for information about your own case you must include a copy of your driver's license.  If you are requesting information about another person's case certain documents and personal data may be withheld due to confidentiality policies.  A notarized statement from at least one of the individuals named in the case will allow you full access to the record.   Please be specific about the information or copies you wish to obtain.  Please include the case number.   If you do not have the case number include all of the information you have about the case such as the type of case, party names, approximate year of filing, etc.  Please either provide a charge card number (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover are the only credit cards we accept) or enclose a check with a statement in the note section "not to exceed $50" (or whatever amount you estimate will cover costs). Also include a self addressed, stamped envelope for return of your documents.   Mail your request, envelope and payment to:

Mesa County Combined Court

P.O. Box 20,000-5030

Grand Junction, CO 81502

Cost of Research:

  • Copies are $ .75 per pages.

  • Certified copies are $20 per document.   This is IN ADDITION to the $ .75 per page copy fee.

In addition to copy charges, a non-refundable fee of $5.00 per name, is required at the time of the request.  An additional $10.00 fee will be assessed if the file has to be retrieved from offsite storage. If review or research, including redaction is required, a fee may be assessed at the rate of $30.00 to recoup costs of court employee time.  However, there will be no charge for the first hour expended in connection with research and redaction.  

There is a $5.00 research request fee, in addition to copy charges, when you come to the court in person AND wish to have pulled more than 5 files or you wish to have more than five names researched on our database (it is $5 per name).


In person, requesting 5 or less cases or names to be reviewed …. we try to complete your request while you are at the Justice Center although this is not always possible.

Via the mail or in person, requesting more than 5 cases or names …. Generally it will take up to 5 days. You will be sent your research or contacted to come back in when the research request is completed.

All requests where the cases have been microfilmed or at off-site storage … requests of this type may take up to three weeks to process.